Supporting the continuation of teaching STEM subjects during the COVID-19 pandemic through project-based online practices.

Braga meeting

May 2022

The C2 training event at Universidade do Minho has just ended with expected… and some unexpected results.

We have once again discussed project demands, talked about online activities, group work and design of the Open Educational Resources. BeReady members took part in group workshops.

Along the way, Braga meeting participants came up with a creative way of describing the very nature of project handling. That’s how the Everyone, Someone, Whoever, and Nobody “cautionary poem” was created :-)

There were four people: Everyone, Someone, Whoever, and Nobody.
Very important work had to be done, and Everyone was asked to do so.
Everyone was sure Someone would do it. Whoever could have done it, but Nobody did.
Someone got angry about it because it was Everyone's duty.
Everyone thought that Whoever could have done it, but none of them thought that Nobody did it.
Everyone ended up blaming Someone for Nobody did what Anyone could do.