Supporting the continuation of teaching STEM subjects during the COVID-19 pandemic through project-based online practices.

About BeReady Project

The problem

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced schools into new modes of learning that are limiting and incomplete as teachers and students work at a distance. The challenges this situation imposed on teachers includes the necessity of quick development of high quality educational content, teaching methodology adjustment and meaningful use of a variety of digital tools.

Our solution

The BeReady project builds a strategic partnership for Digital Education Readiness in the field of STEM education, aiming at supporting secondary school teachers of STEM subjects in continuing their teaching online. In achieving this goal, an online course that revolves around the online realization of STEM projects will be offered to the teachers, together with educational resources (videos, presentations, simulations and more).

The innovative aspect of the project is that instead of simply providing ready-made resources to the teachers, it smoothly reveals the methodology (pedagogical and technical) upon which these resources were designed. Having practically engaged the teachers in the BeReady course, the project goes a step further by inviting them to design their own STEM projects and resources and try them out online with their students.

The partnership aims at promoting networking of institutions across the EU, collaboration with digital technology experts in STEM Education and contributing to the development of online & distance pedagogical practices based on project-based learning and constructionism pedagogy as a response to the challenges faced during the pandemic outbreak.

Pilot studies with teachers and students took place in Poland, Greece, Portugal and Italy.