Supporting the continuation of teaching STEM subjects during the COVID-19 pandemic through project-based online practices.

Our Goals

BeReady is designed to help with:

→ developing resources for teachers to support them in creating meaningful online learning experiences in STEM

→ building confidence in carrying out online STEM projects

→ continuing offering students opportunities to explore STEM disciplines and stimulate their interest in STEM even when schools are closed

→ enabling teachers to act as designers of digital educational content and open educational resources (OER) in STEM for online teaching

→ planning and enacting activities and workshops that promote teacher professional development and pedagogical change towards online STEM teaching

→ building synergies among schools, academia and research towards ensuring the quality of the developed OER and the wider uptake in school communities


1. The pedagogical handbook for teachers that details the pedagogical methodology and reviews digital tools that can be used for offering meaningful learning experiences online in STEM

2. The online course which includes 4 exemplary interdisciplinary STEM projects for secondary school education

3. At least 4 STEM projects and a variety of supporting OERs for students that have been designed by teachers/educators following the project methodology

4. 2 training workshops for teachers

5. Pilot activities with teachers and students through which feedback will be generated resulting in refined OERs

6. 4 multiplier events in Poland, Greece, Italy and Portugal